"Param Pujya Shri Mast Daduram Bapu" - The Fully Awakened Being

A reincarnated Yogi with God realization,the Paramhamsa who is steadfast in this supreme state of achieving ultimate union with Brahman is rare occurrence in this mortal world.

Sadguru is the manifestation of that transcendental energy source that we know as Parmatma but are yet to experience it. He was born in a small town Chanwada,on the outskirts of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat in India. Due to improper medical care and intra uterine poliomyelitis complications, upon birth he lost his biological mother.However the community where he was born raised him as their own. But due to physical impairment he could do limited body movements.

Deriving from the illuminating wisdom of previous births ,he soon overcame the majority of it with intense Yoga Abhyas and pranayam. He demonstrated his spontaneous merger into higher self by meditation.This signifies that Sadguru has transcended from Jivatva(individual soul) to Shivatva( Universal soul).

The Philosophy of Sanatan dharma

As an experiential knowledge which he shares with us from the realms of his superconscious states,that what is born out of the union of a male and female body (Bindu) is a Hindu.

Hindu is a way of life to be lived and realized with deep significance given to the body as a temple. Sanatan means without which you cannot exist. That which is eternal is you and you are Divine. Its just because of the veil of maya that you feel trapped and tired in the events of the world. Originally you are Pure, everpresent, ever blissful and eternal.


Community Meals(Langar)

  • It's a custom in our ashram that whoever comes is invited to enjoy delicious Mahaprasad served by devotees for free at any time of the day .
  • The community kitchen of our Ashram which serves meals to all free of charge, regardless of religion, caste, gender, economic status, or ethnicity. People sit on the floor and eat together, and the kitchen is replenished by donations of grains like rice ,lentils and fresh vegetables by devotees and philanthropic followers.
  • We are happy to accept anything and everythin that a devotee gives from his heart and help us serve the others in need .
  • Not a single person, at any time of the day is turned away and everyone is treated as God in disguise .
  • Our philosophy is simple :
  • God had bestowed some with surplus and some with meager resources to survive. If we understand this highest teaching in life we can donate to others who have less,and by God's grace our reservoirs will still be overfilled with them .
  • God is giving us a chance to serve others by giving us more.If we give we are just serving God's purpose in life .
  • This is the big picture worth understanding.