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At Gaushala you can donate online for cows food and shelters all around the world. Donate to Gaushala to save and protect Indian Cow Breeds.


Each share of yours will bring happiness to mother cows

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Buy fodder for vedic gir cows - Every donation imparts a healthy life to our cows
  • 500/- (1 bag of 20 kg)We feed Wheat bran in your name and pray for your well being
  • 1500/- (2 bags of 10 kg)We feed the essential food source jaggery to pregnant cows for sweeter milk production and rich energy source. Its a blessing to mother cow and higher nutritional value. Highest form of charity is feeding cows who are pregnant! This makes your happiness and contributions dualfold.

Shree Maharshi Vedic Gir Gaushala

Mission Love and Serve Gaumata ! Invite prosperity in your life.

Love for Mother Cows


Our own Gaushala-A safe haven for cows

Its a blessing from the Holy mother cow herself which is enabling us to feed hundreds of Cows and calves, taking care of their grazing times and health.

Indeed the 33,000 Gods and Godesses who reside in them make the Gaushala vibrating with pure transcendental energyfield. Just standing there observing them, seeking their blessings and feeding them with our own hands brings instant peace to the restless mind. Its like a touch of nature calms all your worries and anxieties.

We at Jayshree Daduram Seva trust bring to you, "with just one click "an opportunity to feed and contribute for the Divine cows, many of which have been rescued and given shelter in our Gaushala. You are invited to be a part of our LOVE and SERVE GAUMATA campaign!


This gaushala is run and managed by Sadguru Maharshi Mast daduram Bapu who is a God realized Saint of the highest order.

He devoted all his life in serving humanity by spiritually uplifting them through divine Satsang Kirtan and helping the rural population of Gujarat access better life standards. Also providing daily meals to homeless who come to the PREMDHARA ashram. We use our milk and milk products in the rural community free meal campaign. All our cows (gaumata) have been raised and fed through the divine grace of our Sadguru.


According to the World Animal Protection Report, 2010, up to 50 million cows are suffering in dairy farms across India in unacceptable conditions.

They suffer from various health problems and live less due to over-breeding, poor housing, confinement and overmedication.

A majority of them are already being abandoned after reaching the unproductive age.

Majority of these cows can be found near Dumpsters feeding on plastic, rotten kitchen refuse and other indigestible inorganic material. They end up getting sick with life threatening diseases.

Such abandoned cattle is left out to suffer and die in various viral and bacterial disease outbreak that occurs quite often in India.

Lack of compassion for these animals has made sure that these benign bovines are doomed to a very poor way of life.

Its common to find such sick gaumata lie down in the middle of the streets becoming victims of being run over by passing high speed vehicles.

There are not enough Gauseva cow shelters to volunteer for accepting such high number of abandoned cattle .


Our Gaushala (cowshed) has been rescuing cattle traumatised in road traffic accidents as well as those that have fallen ill due to diseases.

This mission is also aimed at providing a safe haven to abandoned cows from negligent dairy farm owners and inescapable slaughterhouses. Our Gaushala is accepting and currently feeding over hundered of cows and bulls giving them a new life. Many of them have poor health conditions.

People are not aware about the various diseases of the cow and they need equal medical check up like any normal human would !We have veterinary check ups and periodic screening for deadly diseases in cattle.

It is an expensive affair and so we are in need of funds to maintain the well being of our cows !

We also get calls for stray cows who are injured or need shelter ! We bring them to our Gaushala and treat them as a member of our family with dedicated cowherds taking them to graze in the grasslands of our small town Chanwada,Gujarat.

Stray cows healthcare needs and management costs adds up when we have new entries to our existing healthy Cow group .We segregate them from our in house exisitng Cows to prevent spread of infection.This is a huge expense to take care of.



On an average gaumata needs 20kgs of fresh fodder per day which is a mix of dry roughage, green fodder, mineral mixture and cattle feed. It depends on the body weight of the cow.

Our daily consumption is 3000kgs of fodder in a day. Our Trust (non government) Jayshree Daduram Seva trust is solely dependent on the contributions of generous people which is a huge task to accomplish! WE thrive on your donations.

Moreover we try our best to provide healthy fodder as per our limited funds. Our mission aims to expand the cow shed by rennovating it to shelter cattle in huge numbers.

Hopefully with your help we can do more for them and include more cows in our Gaushala!

Charities are indeed blessings to the community. Our sole motto is exclusively to give back to Mother Cow(Gaumata) who has nurtured our people and associated with cultural as well as divine qualities!

Eating garbage is not good for cows
  • In India, both in cities and towns, innumerable cows on the roads eat from garbage bins, looking for fruit, leftovers, anything eatable, and waste food.
  • Cows that eat plastic, and do not eat healthy food, are not able to give milk. They die quickly as they are undernourished and vulnerable to diseases which is why people abandon them on the roads.

Gaushala Service

Cows in our cowshed eat healthy food


YOU ARE INVITED to donate and contribute through our DONATION LINK to directly benefit from the blessings of Celestial Gods and Goddesses that reside in the body of a cow.


  • Panchgavya represents milk, urine, dung, ghee, and curd produced from cow and has unique medicinal properties in Ayurveda and traditional Indian clinical practices. In Ayurveda, Panchgavya treatment is termed as ‘Cowpathy'.
  • Panchagavya to treat diseases of multiple systems, including severe conditions, with almost no side-effects Panchgavya can also give back to mother nature by promoting soil fertility, earthworm production, protecting crops from bacterial and fungal infections.


  • Cow dung is a bioresource for sustainable development.
  • Nitrogen(N7), Potassium ,Copper ,Molybdenum, Borex, Cobalt Sulphate, Phosphorus, Irons, Manganese, Boron, Sodium.
  • This properties of cow dung acts as a natural fertilizer and used as raw manure.
  • Panchgavya plays a crucial role in organic farming practices as the most favourable organic manure for agricultural fields.